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Merchants Affordable Housing has obtained an option from the owners of the Maude Building to develop Merici Village Apartments II.  Merchants held a community meeting with other Lawton Loop property owners on October 18, 2016 to present their plans and answer questions.  The executive directors of Lawrence CDC, Village of Merici, and Merchants Affordable Housing were all present to answer questions.

Based upon the information shared at the public meeting, the board of Lawrence CDC subsequently voted to support the project.  Letters expressing our support have been sent to Merchants, to the Mayor of Lawrence, and to the Indiana Housing and Community Development Authority.

To assist Merchants, Merici, and area residents, Lawrence CDC has agreed to post Merchants’ project summary and a draft letter of support for the project here.

Merici Village Apartments II–Project Summary

 Merici Village Apartments II will be located at 5731 Lawton Loop East Drive, Indianapolis, IN 46216.  The multi-family apartments will be built in the current Maude Building.  Merici Village II will consist of one 2-story building with a basement.  The building will have a total of 28 units, 4 of which will be ADA accessible units.  The building will consist of 26 1-bedroom units and 2 2-bedroom units. All units will have 1 bathroom.  Additionally, there will be an onsite staff unit for a total of 29 units.

The Merici Village Apartments II project will continue with the existing tenant supportive services plan, every single resident is assessed for personal and individual goals and where appropriate services are delivered by Village of Merici service providers and other service providers selected by the community members.  The services range from finding volunteer opportunities and gainful employment, learning how to make favorite recipes, walking to and from area resources, shopping, laundry, both items the community members want and those that they need.

The Merici Village Apartment II project will work with neighborhood residents and city leadership to make $50,000 of infrastructure improvements.  Infrastructure improvements could include:

  • $12,000 for the existing gazebo to be electrified and additional landscaping
  • $8,000 for appropriate trees to enhance Lawton Loop
  • $30,000 for repairs/improvements to the access road between 5731 Lawton Loop Drive East and the PX Building. If those repairs are covered some other way, the funds will be allocated to make repairs to the sidewalks along Lawton Loop. These repairs will be coordinated with City of Lawrence staff and neighborhood leadership.

The Development Team consists of Merchants Affordable Housing Corp., Meyer Najem Construction, Guidon Design and Barrett & Stokely Affordable Management.

The project is expected to gain final financing approval during 2018.  Once financing is in place, a project schedule update will be posted here.

If you have additional questions or concerns, please contact Janine Betsey, 317-805-4312 or



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