Housing Development

Lawrence CDC is proud to work to eliminate blight and build and rehabilitate homes in Lawrence.  We work independently and with Habitat for Humanity of Greater Indianapolis on building and rehabilitation. We also partner with the Lawrence Redevelopment Commission to obtain and demolish vacant, tax-delinquent, and blighted property for redevelopment.

Between August and October 2014, Habitat’s volunteers, staff, and key contractors built two new homes on vacant lots on Vernon Avenue where a dilapidated home was demolished several years ago.

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In 2015, one more new home was built on Vernon Avenue, and another was built on East 45th Street.

In 2016, a new home was built on Clinton Street to replace a vacant, tax-delinquent house that was demolished.

In 2017, a house on Woodcroft Avenue was rehabbed, and a new home replaced a vacant, tax-delinquent house on E. 48th St. that was demolished.

In 2018, a house on Kitley Avenue was rehabbed and reoccupied.  Also in 2018, the CDC acquired a home for rehabilitation on Hartman Drive, which is currently undergoing renovation.

In 2019, a vacant and dilapidated home on Richardt St. was donated by the owner to the CDC, which then transferred the property to Habitat for demolition.  A new home was started in 2020 and is expected to be occupied in 2021.

In 2020, the CDC completed rehabilitation and renovation of the Hartman Drive house and sold it to first-time homeowners at an affordable price.

Lawrence CDC, the Lawrence Redevelopment Commission and Greater Indy Habitat for Humanity enjoy a public-private partnership that produces new investment, new residents, new tax and utility revenues, and new opportunities for children to grow up in Lawrence and attend Lawrence Township schools.

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