Commercial Facade Program

In collaboration with the City of Lawrence and its Redevelopment Commission, the Lawrence Community Development Corporation is proud to administer a Commercial Façade and Property Rehabilitation Grant Program.  By resolution of the Redevelopment Commission, the program is called “The Candy Davis Good Face Program” in honor of long-time City administrator Candy Davis.

The Redevelopment Commission has established a fund of $150,000 for improvements, which will be distributed for improvement projects on a first-come, first-served basis by Lawrence CDC until the fund is exhausted.

The program will focus on the exteriors of commercial/industrial properties on the Pendleton Pike and Franklin Road corridors within the Lawrence Redevelopment District.  Property owners and business owners may apply for project funding with Lawrence CDC.  Owners should be prepared to pay up to 50% of their proposed project cost, with the program reimbursing the rest.  High-impact projects in very visible locations might receive more than 50% grant funding, at the discretion of the award committee.

Eligible façade and property improvements include: re-facing of walls and parapets; replacement of storefront glass and doors; building-mounted signage; window awnings; exterior lighting and fixtures; improvements to front-door access for persons with disabilities; front yard improvements, including sidewalks, plazas, and outdoor seating areas, bus shelter pads, benches, and enclosures, landscape improvements,  creation of rain gardens to mitigate storm water runoff, replacement of freestanding pole or pylon signs with ground signs, privacy or screening fences adjacent to the front building line (other than chain link), and removal of front-yard chain-link fences and replacement with iron or other durable security fences.

Applications and more information are available from Lawrence CDC.  There are significant program requirements and restrictions that should be discussed before applying for funding.  Contact Lawrence CDC executive director Chris Barnett at 317-542-0146 or cbarnett.LCDC(at)

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