Lawrence 4th of July Parade – Tradition Reigns!!!

This year’s 4th of July Parade in our fair City of Lawrence was the 66th Year of the Traditon!!!  The Lawrence Journal began it;s publication in Octonber of 1944 and the next year 1945 was the first 4th of July Parade, according to that publication.  So starts our tradition of bringing the Arts to the Community through teaching artists at our building at 4437 N. Franklin Road.

The Lawrence Community Development Corporation and the Partnerships for Lawrence were participants in the parade again this year, continuing our tradition to the community.  The CDC had the candy and the PFL had the new Art Center Schedules that were being passed out by some of their Board of Directors and Volunteers.  We were al excited to hear that so many people were excited to hear about the Art Center and the new Art Classes that will be taught there.  All the classes are open to the community, all age groups and so many different kinds of art…..We are proud to bring this to the community and share the talent with our citizens.

Classes begin on July 5th and right now are scheduled through the end of September.  You can call 317-547-0146 or go online to to sign up and register for classes.

Have a great month of July!!!


About Lawrence CDC
A catalyst for improving quality of life for our City and Township through community participation and collaborative partnerships.

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